New Projects

New Projects

Ilia Villas

NEXUS created the supermodern complex of luxurious houses "Ilia Villas" for you who desire an escape to the high aesthetics world for 12 months a year. Designed with fantasy and originality, "Ilia Villas" complex provides comforts to you who want high standards in your residence and wish to fulfill the dream of quick escape from the city’s daily routine.

In the "Ilia Villas" complex NEXUS CONSTRUCTIONS transfers you to a world of unique comfort and luxury, in one of the most upgraded suburbs of Thessaloniki, Plagiari, offering unlimited view to Thermaikos bay and the city, at the eastern side of Thesaloniki. At a small distance from Thessaloniki, Perea and Epanomi’s sea, in an area with direct access to Chalkidiki beaches, NEXUS created for you the "Ilia Villas" complex, so that you may enjoy the comforts and the luxury of a high standard house.

In an area of 16.000 square meters, NEXUS constructed 5 houses built with an impeccable combination of aesthetics and functionality and with the choice of friendly, earthy colors allowing their harmonious co-existence with the natural environment.

For more information regarding "Ilia Villas" please contact us:
Tel: +30 2310 300050
Mob: +30 6977296929
Address: Plataion 44, 54249, Thessaloniki, Greece